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  1. Determine optional soak time based on desired end product.

    1. Fast wash for vaping, dabbing, smoking...more amber in color.

    2. Long wash for making FECO oil or essential oil extraction.

  2. Place plant material in glass receptacle, breaking up larger clumps with a spoon. Add food grade alcohol, amount determined by you. Average is about 1" above plant material.

    1. Fast wash; agitate material and alcohol for 3 minutes.

    2. Long wash; agitate periodically while soaking for desired length of time. This process will pull more chlorophyll and plant waxes from green material.

  3. Strain and separate plant material from alcohol in mesh strainer. Second filtration with coffee filter to yield mostly purified green infused alcohol. Hang in there, this is the longest part of the process.....

  4. Add plant infused alcohol to Green Oil Machine. Place top on machine, making sure to plug in fn to cylinder. Failure to do so could result in damage or harm.
  5. Make sure reclaim tube is in place for recapture into container of your choice.
  6. Turn temperature dial clockwise until it stops at 100 Celsius.

  7. Turn on power switch. Depending on quantity of alcohol, recapture will begin within 3-5 minutes.

  8. Total oil production process time depends on quantity alcohol.

  9. When alcohol reclaim slows, open top to check oil. If 95% of alcohol is gone, unplug top/fan, remove, turn machine down to 70 Celsius for final alcohol purge.

  10. Oil is complete when it reaches desired consistency.

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